Christos Anesti! Happy Easter!

Celebrating with lamb

Wondering how to say Happy Easter this weekend in Greek? “Christos Anesti!” or “Christ is risen!” will be the phrase commonly heard, to which one replies ‘Alithos anesti’ (‘Truly He has risen’). You may also hear “Kalo Pashcha!” or “Good Easter”.

As you may or may not know, the Greek Orthodox calendar is slightly different than the Gregorian, or Western, calendar and some years Greek Easter falls on a different date than the Western calendar date, but this year it is on the same date, April 24th. (more info)

Another fun fact is that lamb (or “arni” in Greek) is a traditional feast on Easter in Greek culture. Recently we roasted a lamb for New Years. Basically any major celebration can be made extra special by a lamb. And I have to say as weird as I thought it was at first to see an entire animal on a rotisserie (or “souvla”), the lamb roast is as equally entertaining as it is delectable. The flavors of the lamb, especially when garnished with fresh squeezed lemon and hand fed to you lovingly by the chef himself fresh from the soulva, are quite simply out of this world. The “goodness” as some say.

So whatever you do to celebrate Easter this year, take time to savor the flavors, both of the food and the memories they create. Because as my wise father-in-law would say, the memories are one of the only 3 things that you take with you from this world. But more on that later.

Happy Easter everyone! Christos anesti!